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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T.E.A.M.=Together Everyone Achieves More!!

Today we discussed teamwork and "The 6 "C"s of the Bees"... bees and ants are excellent examples of teamwork in motion, so that was our real-world connection as we applied the techniques of these insects to what we do in the classroom. The six "C"s that we learned about today are: Common goal, Commitment, Confidence, Collaboration, Contribution, and Communication. We discussed how each of these are so essential for a positive teamwork experience, then, students were given a difficult challenge that required a HUGE amount of teamwork... some excelled and some had stumbling blocks, BUT, we all experienced the ways that teamwork does and does not work! After our end-of-class reflection, I think students felt that they knew their own strengths and weaknesses in teamwork; it was a very engaging learning experience! Here are some pictures of the students at work with their task... can't tell what they had to do? Ask them! They will LOVE talking about it!!! (I gave them many rules!) :)

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