Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seeing the "negative space" in science

No, I'm not referring to outer space, but something else known as negative space. You have most likely seen this picture, or something like it, at some point in your life:

What did you see? A vase? Two people talking to one another? Or both?

The point of these exercises is to be shown what you're not really seeing, even though it is right in front of you! In scientific inquiry, this relates to critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and constructively explore.

Here are two logos - each has at least one image within the image. Explore the negative space and practice your ability to see beyond the obvious! What do you see?

Monday, July 19, 2010

What did you do this summer?

I have many exciting summer adventures to share with students in August, but perhaps the most exciting event of my summer was my trip to the Grand Canyon. I went with four other teachers and we camped at the South Rim for four days and had an incredible time. On the second to last day there, two of my camping buddies and I hiked the Grand Canyon. On foot we traveled 3,100 feet down, 3,100 feet up, 12 miles, and all of this in 9 hours! It was the most incredible adventure and in addition to the natural beauty the canyon has to offer, there is also science EVERYWHERE! I am very excited to share my pictures and observations during the unit on geology! Below are a few pictures that I took of the canyon and our hiking adventure!


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