Friday, November 12, 2010

Weathering and Erosion Lab

We recently had a 2 day weathering and erosion lab that consisted of 9 stations, buckets of water, several pounds of sand, hydrochloric acid, and of course many rocks! It was quite the mess, but we all know that in science, mess = learning! :) Students used hands-on activities to simulate an eroding beach, chemical weathering of limestone, physical weathering and abrasion on all types of rocks, wind in a dessert, floods, the chemical weathering of regular water, and how vegetation prevents landslides and erosion. Here are some pictures from our big adventure!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Prezi/Foldable Activity for Tuesday, Nov 9

Students: Use the prezi below to create your vocab foldable. For the foldable, you want to fold it hot dog style, then cut along the dashed lines so that you have FIVE tabs for your vocab. For each of those terms, you will find the definition and photos that illustrate this definition. Your job is to write the definition and create a photo like mine, or similar, so that you will have a visual cue to assist you when practicing vocabulary.

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